Feb 24, 2015

Brain Breaks

Have you guys tried Brain Breaks in your room? I've heard about them for years, even during my college days. I just always assumed the upper elementary kids were "too old" for Brain Breaks. Boy oh boy was I wrong! My colleague introduced me to Go Noodle this year and it is the next best thing since peanut butter (and I loooooooooooove peanut butter!). 

You get to pick a character and once you earn 10 points with that character they "morph" into a new, bigger and better character. The students LOVE this part of Go Noodle. They scream and cheer when our character morphs. Right now our character has the largest mustache that extends as his arms with huge biceps! I am really excited to tie this in with our state standardized-testing next month.

Here are a few pictures from one of the brain breaks we did today. I love watching the kids dance along with the characters. (Ps. I just so happen to be standing in the corner where all the girls congregate to dance along. The boys always choose the opposite side of the room!)

Feb 14, 2015

Phases of the Moon

We learned about the phases of the moon the other day in science. Since this is one of those subjects that always seems to get "cut" due to lack of time, assemblies, early outs, etc. I wanted to tie in something fun for them to do that I've seen all over the Pinterest world. I brought in some Oreos and they got to create the different phases of the moon by scraping off the filling. Oh my, did they love it! Of course once we were done, we enjoyed a nice (not-so-healthy) snack! Here are some picture updates from our experiment.

Feb 3, 2015

So Why Not Now?

Through Pinterest surfing and Teachers Pay Teachers creeping, I have stumbled upon several blogs that I find myself resorting back to for resources to use in my own classroom. I always envied how fun the blogs looked and the crowd that these popular blogs attracted. Some of these blog creators are very well-known creators in the Teachers Pay Teachers world as well.

I've always wanted to create a blog of my own. I've always wanted to create those awesome resources that I am buying on TpT to use in my own classroom. More times than not I find myself creating my own resources for my classroom. So why not now?

As I work on my Master's, the perfect opportunity came up when I can finally create a blog of my very own. So here goes nothing! :)